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By mo.labrie

A Big Find

I was at the Clipper Home in Portsmouth recently, interviewing a man who had worked on Goat Island in the Fifties. SL can be lucid; he also has periods of fantasy (according to his family - I'm not so sure). In the course of our conversation, he mentioned that he had a box of papers and office effects from his time at the 'Bin'. I tried not to get too excited, but he must have seen that I was interested because he offered the box to me on the spot. By happy coincidence, the daughter whose attic the box was stored in was in the room with us - the family likes to make sure there's a chaperon whenever SL talks to anyone who's not family or nursing home staff. Even more surprising, the daughter was also willing to give me the box - once my chat with SL was over, I followed the daughter back to her house and we retrieved the box.

Not knowing what I'd find inside, I waited until I got home to open it. Most of the contents were of little interest - some Life and National Geographic magazines, a swizzle stick collection, etc. but there was some Miskatonic Geologic Archive paperwork - purchase order paperwork and a bit of correspondence. And there was a big find: unused patches and field notebooks from the Second Miskatonic Antarctic Expedition!

Obviously, a few examples of each are going to be archived. After talking it over with other project participants, we've decided to sell some as well to help cover some of the costs we've been paying for on our own. I'm going to put a note about it on the front GIP page and I've asked John to handle the transactions.

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